A Meditation on Wholeness and Core Presence

This meditation offers an opportunity to tap into a deeper sense of wholeness and of core presence. It is drawn and adapted from an offering in a class with David Spangler through the Lorian Association and is used with permission.

During this time of the Corvid-19 virus, having ways to access a stronger sense of our core presence, and an ability to tap into a living sense of our body-mind wholeness, can help support a much-needed and stabilizing sense of steadiness.

Return to Steadiness Guided Meditation

This guided meditation invites you to settle into the core steadiness that is always present, that is never disturbed, and that is a resource you can lean into during challenging times. Using the metaphor of “becoming a mountain”, you have an opportunity to directly experience the qualities of steadiness that can be found in a mountain, experiencing yourself as a mountain.

A Meditation on Radiant Health

This is a guided meditation on connecting with the frequency/energy/quality of radiant health. The meditation is an invitation to experience the essence of radiant health and to recognize that we radiate the energies we embody throughout our entire body-mind system and out into the environment around us.

Here’s a link to a conversation I had recently with Rosemary Williams and Jean Shinoda Bolen on a recent Women’s Perspective CT Facebook Live conversation about the opportunities and challenges of the liminal space opened up by the pandemic.