693rd Week:  Orienting to “Seeing What’s Good”

693rd Week:  Orienting to “Seeing What’s Good”

In a recent conversation with a colleague, she mentioned reading an article that focused on the fact that what we perceive, where we focus our “seeing”, has a concrete effect in our world.  This reminded me of the quantum physics findings around the “observer effect”.  The observer effect speaks to the fact that the observer of an experiment seems to have a powerful and important impact on the outcome of the experiment.  What the observer expects turns out to be what actually happens.

In the article my colleague mentioned, the author encouraged people to see what is good and right in their world as, in this way, they promote those qualities and outcomes, drawing on the dynamics of the observer effect.  This reminded me of something I’ve shared before in a number of experiments on the dynamics of what is called subtle activism.   Read More “693rd Week:  Orienting to “Seeing What’s Good””

691st Week:  Return to Gratitude

691st Week: Return to Gratitude

As I pondered what this week’s practice in conscious living might be, I came across an article I saved a while back about research that’s been done on gratitude. This research demonstrates the powerful health-giving effects of what David Steindl-Rast calls gratefulness. Then I ran across another note I saved about a Buddhist practice that focuses on “finding the hidden people”… Read More “691st Week: Return to Gratitude”

Week 639: Awareness Instead of Enactment

I just read something on Facebook that brought to mind the terrible power of enactment. I won’t relate it here, as it was a disturbing report in the news about someone being attacked. For me, this kind of event is a reminder of the deep need we all have to teach ourselves to bring awareness to what we do or want to do. Read More “Week 639: Awareness Instead of Enactment”