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Sacred Practices for Conscious Living

2nd edition paperback

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When the first edition of Sacred Practices for Conscious Living was published in 1997, the world was a different place—and author Nancy Napier was a different woman.

Now, nearly two decades later, Napier is ready to share more of her own life story while returning to the subject she was first introduced to by her grandmother. As she comes again to the topic that pervades her life story, she focuses on a number of themes. She explains that once we recognize our place within collective consciousness—and focus on compassion and mindfulness—we can begin to experience more directly the interdependence and interconnection underlying our place in the universe…


Recreating Your Self


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For people who were emotionally and physically wounded as children, the journey from childhood to adulthood is a constant struggle with shame, self-criticism, and fear. This book shows these adult children of dysfunctional families how to use self-hypnosis to resolve the effects of abuse, to build a relationship with the child within and an inspiring one with the future self, and to give back “hand-me-downs” that are causing pain. The author’s stories and hypnotic strategies emphasize self-acceptance, healing old wounds, and getting on with life. Explicit exercises and self-hypnotic scripts, clearly explained and set within a framework that enables readers to make sense of their experiences, give people the tools they need to create a resilient, healthy self.


Nancy Napier Getting Through the Day

Getting Through the Day

Hardcover & Paperback

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Early abuse of any kind—physical, verbal, sexual—can have a profound effect on adult life, especially when survivors struggle with dissociative responses, which can range from simple forgetfulness or “trancing out” when under stress to the switching seen in multiple personalities. While dissociation protects the child experiencing trauma, its continued influence can lead to psychological distress, interpersonal confusion and conflict, and revicitimization.

This book will enable adults who were hurt as children to learn new strategies to meet the demands of adult living—strategies that can make this moment, right now, more manageable. While focusing on the effects of dissociation, these strategies will be helpful to anyone who finds that unresolved childhood feelings are blocking life’s path.


Meditations and Rituals for Conscious Living

(co-authored with Carolyn Tricomi)


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Meditations & Rituals for Conscious Living invites people to reflect on weekly meditations that allow them to deepen their understanding of themes and practices that bring spiritual experience to life. The process combines reflective meditation—returning to a theme each day for a month, with ritual—an end-of-month ceremony that gives the theme substance here and now. Each month offers a new theme with its accompanying ritual. Over the course of the year, these themes and practices provide a foundation for living each day consciously and with an open heart, creating a more alive and vital connection to the world, and to the sacred. The first week in January offers the following theme for daily reflective meditation: “Stillness is the ground of being from which all else emerges. It is within and behind every breath, every thought, every action. It is my starting point, my resting place, the home base to which I can return again and again.” The monthly themes are: January – Stillness; February – Wholeness; March – Compassion & Lovingkindness; April – Getting Grounded; May – Mindfulness; June – Gratitude & Generosity; July – Oneness; August – Intention; September – Creating Possibility & Synchronicity; October – Paradox; November – Active Surrender; December – Living Consciously.

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Recreating Your Self:


Getting Through the Day:


Sacred Practices for Conscious Living:

Sky Consciousness:

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Track 1: Becoming the Sky—A Mindfulness Meditation
Track 2: Sky Writing

This recording offers two guided meditations that support your capacity to move through life experiences with greater ease and equanimity. In the first meditation, you have an opportunity to discover the spaciousness of open, uncluttered awareness, drawing on the metaphor of being the sky. You will practice allowing thoughts, feelings, sensations and impulses to move through you as easily as clouds move through the sky. As you develop the capacity to shift to a spacious state of mind, you enhance your ability to recenter yourself, to find the humor in difficult situations, and to experience a greater sense of internal equilibrium. In the second journey, you have an opportunity to practice letting go of specific responses and reactions that grip you or carry you away with them. By allowing these thoughts, feelings, sensations and impulses to arise, move through and dissolve, you invite yourself back into the present moment with a gentle, steady awareness.
ISBN 978-0-9820572-8-5

Saying “Yes” to Your Future:

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Track 1: Fork in the Road
Track 2: Saying ‘Yes’ to Your Future Self

This recording offers two guided meditations to bring your future potential into the present. By connecting with your optimal future self, and expressing your willingness to be all you can be, you call to yourself the body-mind being of the part of you that has already achieved outcomes you seek in your present life. In the first journey, you have an opportunity to explore and release rules and prohibitions from the past that may have held you back, preventing you from achieving all you have the capacity to create in your life. You also have an opportunity to leave behind old messages and give yourself permission to blossom. In the second journey, you can access your optimal future self and say ‘yes’ to all this part of you has brought into being. As with every opportunity to connect with your future, you give yourself the gift of allowing your body to experience the sensations of being this wiser, more evolved you, even as you allow your psyche to get a glimpse of the state of body-mind being you have when you allow yourself to become all you can be.

ISBN 978-0-98250462-9-2