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A Live On-Line Webinar 
with Nancy J. Napier, LMFT

Cultivating Connection in a
World of Reciprocal Relationships:
A Psycho-Spiritual Journey

October 8, 2021

9:30am – 5:00pm EST


One of the deepest needs we have as human beings is to feel a sense of connection. This may mean connection to our early attachment figures. It may mean connection to our peer group, our community, our spiritual or religious group, the natural world. This need to belong encompasses biological survival, psychological well-being, and spiritual hunger. When we feel disconnected, we may experience depression, loss of interest and energy, fear, abandonment—a wide array of distressing states. 

In this webinar, we’ll explore approaches and concepts that allow us to offer clients tangible ways to deepen their sense of connection to themselves—to their own bodies and psyches, to the environment around them, and to a sense of meaning in their lives. Our well-being is enhanced when we feel part of something larger than ourselves, and we’ll delve into the variety of contexts that naturally nourish this experience. 

Exploring practices that are found in many indigenous communities and also some European-based nature practices, we’ll look at ways of perceiving and understanding the world that are different from our common Western ideas about perception and reality. These will include an understanding that we are in reciprocal relationship with our world in every moment, that nature is alive and conscious, and that we can experience an enriched sense of belonging to this larger community comprised of human and other-than-human earth-kin. We’ll also look at ways of perceiving that are “non-rational” in nature, such as intuition and subtle awareness.

The webinar will include didactic material, a live demo, brief exercises to bring the material alive, and a guided meditation. When therapists and other practitioners are able to directly experience what we offer to our clients, the material comes alive in a way that it can’t when we have only an intellectual sense of what we wish to convey.



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VIDEOS: On-Line Learning Opportunities

There are currently eight video programs of Nancy’s workshops for professionals available on Vimeo. All are approved for CE credit. Here’s a link to the Vimeo Video-On-Demand page:

Here are the individual programs and respective CE credits:

Working with Implicit States: A “Whole-Brain” Approach to Metabolizing Trauma-Based ResponsesA Live Webinar

This webinar is approved for 6.75 CEs:

Accessing Quantum Realms of Possibility: The Optimal Future Self and MoreA Live Webinar

This webinar is approved for 6.0 CEs:

Untangling the Overwhelm: Working with Parts and Over-Coupling–A Live Webinar

This workshop is approved for 6.0 CEs:

Cultivating and Nurturing Embodied Therapeutic Presence

This workshop is approved for 4.75 CEs:

The Optimal Future Self: A Somatically-Based Resource

This workshop is approved for 4.5 CEs:

Shame and the Shadow: Helping Clients Heal into Wholeness

This workshop is approved for 5 CEs:

Accessing Middle Ground: Building Capacity for Discomfort

This workshop is approved for 5.5 CEs:

Under-Coupling and Dissociation: Delving Deeper

This workshop is approved for 5.5 CEs:

Unblocking What’s Stuck: Working with Parts and Coupling Dynamics Using Body-Based Approaches

This workshop is approved for 5 CEs

Clearing Blocks to Change: Working with Shock Trauma

This workshop is approved for 4.5 CEs

When Spirituality Enters: Including Spiritual Process in Psychotherapy

This workshop is approved for 4.5 CEs

DOWNLOAD–Coming Soon

Working With Parts and the Interpersonal Field: A Body-Based Approach

The CDs are no longer available.

We  hope to offer a download option soon…

Read more about this workshop:

This audio recording is from a workshop offered by Nancy Napier for psychotherapists and other practitioners interested in approaches to trauma resolution that include a body-based perspective.

It can be particularly challenging to work with clients when they are unaware of being swept upby trauma energy. This workshop provides practitioners with additional skills and a greater level of ease in working with parts, the interpersonal field, and their own counter-transference responses. “Parts work” involves accessing unresolved developmental andtraumatic experiences, which express as blocked energy and habitual patterns of activation and constriction.

Some ego states represent early childhood trauma, while others emerge in later developmental stages. Many represent unprocessed trauma energy. “Parts”, include ego states, sub-personalities, imagined companions, dissociated “self-states” as well as non-trauma-based resource states such as the optimal future self.

In this workshop, Nancy also focuses on the interpersonal field created between client and practitioner, and explores opportunities that arise to track trauma responses that spontaneously emerge within relational and transference dynamics. Corrective experiences are enhanced when brought into sensory awareness in vivo.

Particular attention is brought to the capacity of practitioners to self-regulate and track their counter-transference responses, which enhances the containment and healing potential within the interpersonal field.

Nancy also describes coupling dynamics, in which elements of experience become either entangled or dissociated in ways that prevent clients from moving beyond their traumatic experience.


Coming soon…