For Health Professionals

I’m not offering webinars in 2022,
but will post offerings if I change my plans.

The materials offered below are for mental health, other health professionals, bodyworkers, clergy, educators, coaches, and others who work with people to promote healing and change. The videos are for training purposes and not for self-help applications.

VIDEOS: On-Line Learning Opportunities

There are currently 12 video programs of my workshops and live webinars for professionals available on Vimeo. All are approved for CE credit. Here’s a link to the Vimeo Video-On-Demand page:

Here are the individual programs, along with their CE information and individual links to each program:

Cultivating Connection in A World of Reciprocal Relationships: A Psycho-Spiritual JourneyA Live Webinar
When we recognize that we are part of a community of being, we experience that we belong to a dynamic community of life.
This webinar is approved for 5.5 CEs

Working with Implicit States: A “Whole-Brain” Approach to Metabolizing Trauma-Based Responses–A Live Webinar
Processing implicit trauma-based states allows us to live more fully in the present moment.
This webinar is approved for 6.75 CEs.

Accessing Quantum Realms of Possibility: The Optimal Future Self and MoreA Live Webinar
Intention opens the way to engage quantum-reality possibilities. What the body learns, the psyche will follow…
This webinar is approved for 6.0 CEs:

Untangling the Overwhelm: Working with Parts and Over-Coupling–A Live Webinar
Untangling and processing trauma-based over-couplings frees up clients to live more fully in the present. Working with parts allows increased self-acceptance and a sense of wholeness to begin to characterize one’s sense of self.
This webinar is approved for 6.0 CEs:

Cultivating and Nurturing Embodied Therapeutic Presence
The radiating presence of the practitioner creates the container for the process of healing.
This workshop is approved for 4.75 CEs

The Optimal Future Self: A Somatically-Based Resource
Tapping into the Optimal Future Self offers access to new options. What the body learns, the psyche will follow…
This workshop is approved for 4.5 CEs:

Shame and the Shadow: Helping Clients Heal into Wholeness
When we are able to embrace both shame and disowned shadow parts, we offer our clients and ourselves an opportunity to experience a greater sense of wholeness.

This workshop is approved for 5 CEs:

Accessing Middle Ground: Building Capacity for Discomfort
Accessing middle ground supports a shift from overwhelm to becoming more grounded in the present…

This workshop is approved for 5.5 CEs:

Under-Coupling and Dissociation: Delving Deeper
What lives outside conscious awareness can become a powerful influence on perception, emotional responses, and behavior.

This workshop is approved for 5.5 CEs:

Unblocking What’s Stuck: Working with Part and Coupling Dynamics Using Body-Based Approaches
Our lives are powerfully affected by experiences that have not been processed or integrated. Through working with parts and a process of untangling elements of experience that are traumatically woven together, we help clients to find freedom to live more fully in the present.
This workshop is approved for 5 CEs.

Clearing Blocks to Change: Working with Shock Trauma
Shock trauma resides in a timeless place…Explore how to access and resolve shock trauma, “update the file”, and restore underlying resilience.

This workshop is approved for 4.5 CEs:

When Spirituality Enters: Including Spiritual Process in Psychotherapy
Honoring the spiritual life of clients supports a sense of wholeness…

This workshop is approved for 4.5 CEs

It’s my hope that these video programs will offer support for the work you do with clients. One of the great gifts of having focused my career on treatment oriented to trauma resolution has been the privilege of watching people come alive again. Our underlying wholeness is ever-present and waiting for an opportunity to arise and express actively in our lives, and in the lives of our clients. How stunningly fortunate we are to be part of that process!

Wishing you well, Nancy

DOWNLOAD–Coming Soon

Working With Parts and the Interpersonal Field: A Body-Based Approach

The CDs are no longer available.

We  hope to offer a download option soon…

Read more about this workshop:

This audio recording is from a workshop offered by Nancy Napier for psychotherapists and other practitioners interested in approaches to trauma resolution that include a body-based perspective.

It can be particularly challenging to work with clients when they are unaware of being swept upby trauma energy. This workshop provides practitioners with additional skills and a greater level of ease in working with parts, the interpersonal field, and their own counter-transference responses. “Parts work” involves accessing unresolved developmental andtraumatic experiences, which express as blocked energy and habitual patterns of activation and constriction.

Some ego states represent early childhood trauma, while others emerge in later developmental stages. Many represent unprocessed trauma energy. “Parts”, include ego states, sub-personalities, imagined companions, dissociated “self-states” as well as non-trauma-based resource states such as the optimal future self.

In this workshop, Nancy also focuses on the interpersonal field created between client and practitioner, and explores opportunities that arise to track trauma responses that spontaneously emerge within relational and transference dynamics. Corrective experiences are enhanced when brought into sensory awareness in vivo.

Particular attention is brought to the capacity of practitioners to self-regulate and track their counter-transference responses, which enhances the containment and healing potential within the interpersonal field.

Nancy also describes coupling dynamics, in which elements of experience become either entangled or dissociated in ways that prevent clients from moving beyond their traumatic experience.


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