One of the most powerful tools for living a well-regulated, mindful life is the ability to notice, to bring your benevolent observer into the present moment.

While we don’t have the power to control or even anticipate what the next moment may bring into our experience, we do have some say about how we meet these experiences internally. Within this website, I offer tools to support your present-day, benevolent observer and ways to return to a more centered and grounded daily experience.

904th Week: Self-Acceptance and Wholeness

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One of the themes I’ve explored and lived with over many years now is my experience of the importance of acknowledging and honoring all aspects of our wholeness. I’ve also been keenly aware of the fact that life on this planet thrives most efficiently within communities, ecologies of diversity. We know from science that natural…
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2023 January Meditation

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This year’s theme is reciprocal relationships–that we are in relationship with the world around us in every moment. For this month, we focus on the relationship we have with the community of collaborative organisms that comprise our body, offering gratitude and blessings to all of them. The fidelity on this January meditation isn’t great, but…
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