One of the most powerful tools for living a well-regulated, mindful life is the ability to notice, to bring your benevolent observer into the present moment.

While we don’t have the power to control or even anticipate what the next moment may bring into our experience, we do have some say about how we meet these experiences internally. Within this website, I offer tools to support your present-day, benevolent observer and ways to return to a more centered and grounded daily experience.

Offering Healing to Our Human Collective: A Guided Meditation

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In this guided meditation, we offer healing energy to our distressed human collective. Using the imagery of a “love sandwich”, the light of the earth on the bottom, the density of distressed human collective consciousness in the middle, and higher-frequency energy at the top, we each become a point of light, offering healing frequencies to…
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#919: A Practice: Supporting our Collective Well-Being

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It’s been quite a while since I’ve written a practice for this section of my website, and I do so now because of the quality of our collective human experience and expression at this time. Speaking from a perspective of frequencies, the collective frequency of our human family is expressing a quality of emotional experience…
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2024 March Meditation

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This month’s meditation focuses on radiating love to your home environment and everything in it including, if it’s comfortable to you, the Spirit of Home. Notice your experience as you radiate love to everything around you–your computer, your furniture, all the elements of what makes your home your home. Below the recorded meditation is the…
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