One of the most powerful tools for living a well-regulated, mindful life is the ability to notice, to bring your benevolent observer into the present moment.

While we don’t have the power to control or even anticipate what the next moment may bring into our experience, we do have some say about how we meet these experiences internally. Within this website, I offer tools to support your present-day, benevolent observer and ways to return to a more centered and grounded daily experience.

2021 October Meditation

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This month’s meditation continues our focus on wholeness, how it radiates into and touches everything around us, and our underlying relationship with everything we encounter. It also invites us to acknowledge and appreciate the wide variety of our other-than-human earth-kin with whom we share this beautiful planet.  If you’d like to have images of nature…
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September 2021 Audio Meditation

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This month’s audio meditation continues with our theme of wholeness–the wholeness of our individual self, the wholeness of nature, the wholeness inherent in our planetary being. It supports our experiencing these ever-expanding expressions of wholeness as an embodied reality. For those who would prefer images from nature with the audio meditation, here’s our YouTube version:
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850th Week: I Am Willing to Live My Optimal Life

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One of the things I’ve worked with for nearly 40 years is the concept of accessing the optimal future self and, drawing on ideas found in quantum physics, accessing my optimal life. What I like about working with intentions that focus on what is optimal is that it draws from the infinite range of probabilities, what some people call the…
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848th Week: Cultivating Flexibility, Generating Options

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Each morning, I post a “daily inspiration” on the Devadana Sanctuary Facebook page. It’s something I do 365 days a year and it’s the first computer thing I do once my morning routine of getting my own act together is accomplished along with taking care of the three felines who live with me.  On a…
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847th Week: Cultivating Love for the Earth

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Sitting in Central Park doing a meditative practice that has become very important to me, I find myself accessing ever deeper love for this beautiful planet. The practice is below but, first, I want to say a few things about strengthening our heart-based relationship with our amazing home, our planet and the Nature we are…
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