Learning Objectives

Nancy’s bio:

Nancy J. Napier is a licensed marriage and family therapist in California and New York. She is in private practice in New York City, specializing in trauma resolution, hypnosis, relational and attachment issues, self-of-the-therapist issues, spirituality and psychotherapy, mindfulness practices, energy psychology approaches, and more. She is also an ordained Interfaith minister. She is on the faculty of the Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute and offers workshops and webinars for professional audiences. She teaches the trauma for ministers class for One Spirit Interfaith Seminary, and has taught self-help workshops for the public since 1986. She is author of Recreating Your Self: Increasing Self-Esteem Through Imagery and Self-Hypnosis; Getting Through the Day: Help for Adults Hurt as Children; Sacred Practices for Conscious Living; and, co-author with Carolyn Tricomi of Meditations & Rituals for Conscious Living.

Learning Objectives – Live Webinar
Working with Implicit States:
A “Whole Brain” Approach to Metabolizing Trauma Responses
May 21, 2021

Participants in this workshop will leave having learned to:

  • Identify when clients have moved into implicit states and to help clients identify these states within themselves;
  • Identify symbolic representations of these states, as with child parts and other parts of the self;
  • Tell clients how to reorient themselves to their present-day observer when they begin to feel overwhelmed;
  • Specify ways to support clients’ ability to tolerate discomfort and to expand their capacity for metabolizing implicit trauma states;
  • Apply ways to help clients move toward greater empathy and self-acceptance for themselves and for distressed states/parts within them;
  • Describe ways to help clients orient to a greater sense of wholeness, which in itself is grounding and stabilizing.

* * * * *

Learning Objectives – Live Webinar
Accessing Quantum Realms of Possibility:
The Optimal Future Self and More
February 26, 2021

Participants in this workshop will leave having learned:

  • To tell clients how to conceptualize and work with the healing potential in accessing the optimal future self, the “healed self”, and other quantum-based possibilities;
  • To describe examples of how to access and support the relationship between intention and what unfolds in the client’s experience;
  • To explain to clients the importance of their ability to notice that the quality (tone and frequency) of their thoughts, feelings, and actions has a powerful impact on their internal quality of life;
  • To describe how clients can notice and challenge limiting beliefs and perceptions on change and healing and the “gates” in the brain that prevent them from perceiving non-rational options;
  • To prepare clients to recognize and begin to shift “over-couplings” that arise when growth and healing move in directions that challenge early attachment rules, religious and community norms, and family-of-origin rules of engagement and connection.
  • To evaluate activation and identify options to support self-regulation to benefit the body and psyche.

* * * * *