846th Week: The Qualities We Engender in Our Environment

I’m in the process of preparing a webinar for professionals on the subject of cultivating a sense of connection with the world around us. One of the things we contribute ongoingly, but usually unconsciously, is the essence, the quality of being that emanates from us in every moment, wherever we are, whatever we’re doing. We add to the quality of the world around us by the qualities we radiate into our environment.

I’ve mentioned many times about the importance of the frequencies with which we resonate. So this practice will be a reminder to many of you, and I figure we can’t be reminded enough to pay attention to the frequencies with which we resonate in any given moment. For example, if we resonate with the quality of kindness, chances are that we will emanate that frequency into our environment and into the interactions we have with others along the way. Because of this, we may discover that we encounter kindness from others more often than we might otherwise experience. If we resonate with a quality of irritation or anger, chances are that we will emanate that frequency throughout ourselves and into our environment, and it will have an impact on the quality of our interactions with others as we move through any given day. Frequencies, qualities, essences matter.

I want to make a distinction between upsetting moments, jarring experiences, and blissful times of elation and the fundamental qualities/frequencies/essences with which we resonate on a deeper and more habitual basis. We all have moments of shifting emotions and up-and-down qualities of self-talk. That’s inevitable. What we can cultivate, though, is a foundation of qualities that we consciously choose, frequencies with which we want to resonate, frequencies/qualities we want to radiate within ourselves and out into the world around us.

For this week’s practice, I invite you to take time to feel into the qualities/frequencies you want to embody and have as the underlying essence of your body-mind being. Do you want to radiate love into yourself and your world? Would you rather radiate friendliness or welcome? How about kindness or compassion? Perhaps you want to radiate strength or confidence. Maybe for you, at this time, qualities of safety and comfort are most important. Perhaps curiosity tops the list at the moment. All these qualities represent frequencies with which you can resonate, frequencies you can embody and express through your thoughts, feelings, and actions.

It’s helpful to remember that whatever frequency you may resonate with in any given moment also exists in our human collective consciousness. What this means is that whatever frequency is in the foreground of your awareness and experience will be augmented, magnified, by the power of the collective presence of this frequency in our shared collective consciousness. 

It’s important to remember that you’re not making a “final” choice around frequencies. Play with them and see which qualities offer you well-being, comfort, or whatever other qualities are best for this time. You can shift and explore other frequencies on any given day. It’s helpful to land on a few that you find reliable and that impact you in positive and constructive ways. They can become a kind of “home base” to return to when you want to feel more grounded, centered, or present. You might represent them as images, colors, symbols, sounds, or sensation—whatever works best to help you access them when you need or want to bring them into the foreground of your awareness.

Also, please remember to bring along curiosity as your constant companion. Curiosity always moves toward experience, opens to what’s possible, so it’s a reliable and helpful companion along the way. And, for sure, please remember to pat gently on the head any judgments that may arise as you do this practice. There’s nothing you have to do with these judgments other than to allow them to flow on by on the ever-moving stream of consciousness that brought them into awareness in the first place.

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