891st Week: Settling into Presence

One of the themes that has woven itself into and through my work for many years now is the importance, and power, of orienting our awareness to the place in us that reveals our core presence. This is a place I’ve written about a number of times. It’s where we discover the ever-present steadiness in us, the place in our wholeness that cannot be disturbed no matter what happens. It’s a reliable and accessible steadiness and is part of our core presence.

The other thing we discover when we settle into our core presence is what I refer to as the “unique energy signature” each and every one of us radiates throughout our body-mind being and out into the world in every moment. It is the “signature” of the presence we bring into the world, and it can be quite helpful to invite ourselves to orient to this aspect of our being. Becoming aware of it offers a way to deepen a sense of grounding and embodied presence, which is a state that stabilizes and supports us no matter what may be happening with, to, or around us.

For this week’s practice in conscious living, I offer the following guided meditation. Please remember that these meditations are offered as a possibility of how you might want to work with this. It’s important that you change whatever doesn’t resonate with you, as we are all “unique energy signatures”, unique expressions of life, and we want to honor our particular way of being in, and moving through, the world.

  • To begin, take a moment to settle even a bit more onto or into the surface supporting you. Notice how your body receives this support.
  • Now, follow the next out-breath down into your natural internal landing place, your internal home base. Let this be a gentle process of arriving.
  • Chances are that you’ve arrived in your place of core presence. Take a moment to notice, or to imagine if you aren’t aware of it, the ever-present steadiness that’s always here in your internal home base.
  • Notice or imagine what that steadiness would be like if you were able to sense or experience it.
  • Now, bring to mind the fact that the frequency, the energy quality of your core presence represents your unique energy signature. This is the energy you radiate throughout your entire body-mind being and also the energy that you automatically radiate into the world around you as well as into our human collective consciousness.
  • Spend a bit of time, now, simply being aware of the fact of your unique energy signature even if you aren’t experiencing it directly. If you are aware of the frequency and quality of your energy signature, spend some time experiencing it, acknowledging, and sensing it.
  • Also take some time now to imagine yourself moving through your regular daily activities with the awareness that your unique energy signature touches everything you encounter along the way. It’s important to remember that this energy signature isn’t affected by the ever-shifting qualities in your physical, emotional, and mental life. Instead, it’s what arises from your core presence, from the being you are no matter what occurs.
  • Now, come back to an awareness of the steadiness that is always present in your core and allow that quality, that frequency, to radiate throughout your body-mind being, bringing the steadiness to all aspects of your being.
  • Next, open your eyes and look around your environment. If you are unable to see, bring your awareness to your felt-sense of the environment around you. Notice your connection with it, that you are part of the energy reality and expression of the environment that surrounds you.
  • Recognize that you are connected with the world around you in every moment, no matter what. There is a tradition in which the following is said: “We are part of Indra’s net, out of which we cannot fall.” Notice that you are part of an energy reality out of which you cannot step. We are always connected.
  • When you’re ready, bring yourself all the way back by wiggling your fingers and toes, listening to the sounds around you, focusing on particular aspects of your surrounding environment, moving your head as you look around…coming all the way back now.

As with all these practices, please remember to bring along curiosity as your constant companion and to pat gently on the head any judgments that may arise. Do the same thing with any mixed feelings you may have. They are part of your wholeness, and you can allow them to arise and move through without having to jump in and do anything with or about them.

Here’s an audio version of the written information above, if you prefer to listen to it.
As you listen, please press pause when you need additional time to do take in the practice.
And, please remember never to listen to recorded meditations when driving or using machinery.

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