885th Week : Exploring Your Unique Energy Signature

885th Week : Exploring Your Unique Energy SignatureThis practice continues with the theme of frequencies and their impact on the quality of our own being and of the collective family of lifeforms that are our earth-kin of every kind. One of the fundamental qualities about our beautiful planet is that it seeks to create, and thrives on, a magnificent array of diversity. We know that ecological systems that are the most diverse are also the healthiest and most robust. Within all kingdoms of nature and environments, we see diversity as a fundamental quality. In our human family, nature has expressed this creative impulse toward diversity in countless ways. We have diversity in skin color. We have diversity in facial features and body types. We have diversity in languages and cultural norms, diets, spiritual practices and everyday routines and activities, to mention just a few of the areas of human diversity.

One of the areas I have focused on exploring with humans in mind is the place of core presence that resides within the internal home base of every human being. It is the place in us where we touch into an inherent steadiness that is never disturbed. It is deeper than our conditioning and everyday reactivity. What we can also touch in this place of core presence is a sense of the energy that our presence radiates throughout our body-mind being and into the world around us in every moment. I think of this radiating presence as our unique energy signature. 

My experience and belief are that life’s emphasis on diversity points to the fact that each one of us is a unique expression of life and that each one of us in an irreplaceable expression of that life. Our unique energy signature cannot be replicated by anyone else and it matters that we are here. Even though it’s hard to put into words, my experience is that life lives me rather than I live life.

Also, because I believe in collective consciousness, it’s my experience that we contribute our unique energy signature to this collective in every moment, as well. Not only do we affect ourselves with the quality of our being, we also touch the environment around us and the collective consciousness of humanity and of this beautiful earth. 

For this week’s practice in conscious living, I invite you to play with the following brief practice and notice what it touches in your awareness.

  • To begin, find a place where you can sit down where you can be comfortable with your back erect. Take a moment to allow yourself to settle, as if you were a snow globe that was shaken and are now allowing all the particles of snow to gently settle to the floor of the globe.
  • Now, following your next out-breath with your awareness, travel down to the bottom of the breath. Notice that the bottom of the breath often naturally takes you into your internal home base.
  • Take a few moments to notice what it’s like to arrive in your internal home base. This is the place in you where you can touch into the steadiness that’s always there, a steadiness that is never disturbed, no matter what may be happening.
  • This is also the place where you can touch into your core presence, that aspect of being that is more than your everyday personality, more than your conditioned self. It is an indestructible aspect of your being and this aspect of you naturally radiates its energy throughout your whole body-mind being and out into the environment around you.
  • Take some time to notice the quality of your radiating core presence. It is your unique energy signature, unlike anyone else’s on the planet. 
  • Notice your experience as you sense this radiating core presence, this unique energy signature, filling every aspect of your body-mind being—your physical body, your emotions, your thoughts, your sense of your spiritual life.
  • Spend a few minutes simply being with your radiating core presence, touching into the ever-present steadiness from time to time.
  • Also, remember that in every moment you radiate your unique energy signature into the world around you, your gift to everything you encounter.
  • When you’re ready to come back, bring your awareness to the surface supporting you and notice how your body continues to receive that support. Then, open your eyes if you haven’t already and look around you, wiggle your fingers and toes, and come all the way back.

As with all these practices, please remember to bring along curiosity as your constant companion and to pat gently on the head any judgments that may arise, allowing them to move on through. Also, please be sure to make room for mixed feelings, as they are an inevitable aspect of your wholeness.

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