2023 July Meditation

We’re going to return to what we did earlier this year and I invite you to notice any change in your experience over this time of recognizing the living presence of relationships, collaborative communities, that are everywhere in your life and that your radiating presence touches everyone and everything you encounter along the way.

Connect with the community that is your body and orienting to noticing the quality of interactive relationship with that community, affirming that it is a community of collaboration and cooperation amongst trillions of organisms. Offer gratitude and blessings to all the organisms and to the body as a whole, honoring the body’s intelligence (i.e., healing cuts, digesting food, creating waste, etc.) Send love to all the organisms in the community that is the body;
send love to every organ, with gratitude for the work it does for you. Honor your skeleton, this internal infrastructure of support for your body. Send love to all the fluids in your body. Honor your muscles and the work they do for you. Acknowledge your fascia, the connective tissue in your body. Honor the largest organ of your body, your skin, sending it love and gratitude.
Notice your experience in your heart space as you do this.

Please remember never to listen to guided audio meditations while driving or using dangerous machinery.

Here’s the YouTube version if you’d like to do the meditation with images of nature…

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