A Video Series on Multidimensional Living

As a way to share some thoughts about multidimensional living, I’ll be posting small videos describing some of the ways I inhabit a multidimensional world, emphasizing all the reciprocal relationships we humans have with our world. I’ll also include some of the ideas and practices I draw from a more quantum-oriented worldview.

Video 8: Drawing on Optimal Futures and Alternate Selves
In this video, I share some information and experiences about accessing the optimal future self and alternate selves. Drawing on the relationship between intention and possibility, orienting to these other aspects of being offers opportunities to connect with capacities, healing, and other outcomes that we may want to bring into our present-day life and expression. Because we live in an information universe, a key to this kind of process is that the experience is embodied so that the body and psyche receive the information carried in the future self and in alternate selves. An information update offers the body-mind new options that find their way into our everyday lives as organically as morning finds its way into afternoon.

Video 7: Foreground/Background and Wholeness 
In this brief video, I talk about wholeness and the foreground/background dynamics that we all experience within our wholeness as we move through the world. It’s inevitable that at times we’ll become triggered by something or another and an aspect of our wholeness pops into the foreground of awareness. Perhaps we are angry, sad, or scared. With the gift of awareness, we have an opportunity to notice what state we’re in, to respond to it in whatever way we need to, drawing on the presence of choice that our awareness makes possible. We can’t get rid of our wholeness, but having access to our noticing brain gives us an opportunity to choose how we want to move through whatever has popped into the foreground. Within a context of acknowledging and accepting our wholeness, we can meet ourselves with compassion and love.

Video 6: Orienting to Possibility
In this video, I share information about the optimal future self and the possibility of blending with that body-mind in order to bring back into this dimension what has become actualized in that “future” dimension. This way of looking at the world involves quantum ideas about intention, possibility, and probability. One practice: each day to affirm or hold the intention that your optimal life is arriving and arising each day. Then, being willing not to know what that means but to be open and notice what comes into your awareness and your life. I also talk about holding a sense of an optimal life for the planet and to explore what it’s like to hold this intention along with all the people around the planet who are currently doing so. And, again, being willing not to know what this all means. Instead, trusting that the intention to call on one’s optimal life will generate something and, to remember that change, even positive change, can be temporarily uncomfortable.

Video 5: Frequencies – Resonating with Qualities and Tones of Energy and Being
In this brief video, I share some thoughts about the importance of the quality of frequencies (the energies) with which we resonate. Because we are part of a human collective, whatever frequencies we resonate with in any given moment are augmented by the presence of those same frequencies in our global human collective. And, our individual, unique presence, our unique energy signature, radiates its frequency throughout our own body-mind being—affecting the quality and tone of our physical self, our emotions, and our thoughts, then on out into the world around us, and also into our human and Gaian collective information fields.

Video 4 Synchronicity – Dancing with Possibility
In this brief video, I share some thoughts about synchronicity and how it constantly dances in our lives, bringing into our experience moments of “meaningful coincidence”, as Carl Jung defined it. I also invite us to be willing “not to know” and to embrace non-rational experiences as sources of guidance and inspiration. Then, to be willing to be open, to acknowledge, and to respond to those moments when we feel internal nudges in directions we may not yet consciously understand.

Video 3–Acknowledging and Honoring Spirits of Place
In this video, I talk about the fact that everything around us expresses a living presence, just as we do, that we are part of collective fields of information, intelligence, and connection—that we are never alone, and that separation is an illusion. There is a living presence in buildings, homes, places in nature, sacred spaces, and I think of these living presences as the Spirits of place or space. Honoring and acknowledging Spirits of place is a powerful and nurturing practice. Also, my grandmother taught me about what she called “the raincloud of knowable things”, raining down on everyone all the time, a source of information and inspiration. (The name I couldn’t remember on the recording is John Bradshaw and his writings on working with the inner child.) 

Video 2—Entanglement, Separateness is An Illusion
In this short video, I talk about the quantum concept of entanglement, which has been demonstrated in experiments in quantum physics, revealing that everything is connected to everything, that we impact our world in every moment. We are part of countless fields of collective information to which we constantly, and usually unconsciously, contribute and from which we constantly draw. I also share some ideas about living from the heart, moving through the world oriented to the frequencies of love, kindness, and care for ourselves, our earth-kin, and our world.

Video 1 – Being Lived and Quantum Realities, Intention, Possibility
In this short video, I share my experience of not wanting to say to life, “I’m sorry I was too afraid.” Here, I talk about holding the intention that you are receiving and living your optimal life—drawing the best possibility to you; being willing not to know what is arising and arriving ahead of time and instead being open to allow inspiration and impressions to drop in without needing to figure everything out ahead of time.

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