849th Week: Choosing Kindness

For the past few days, as I’ve pondered what I wanted to share this week, the living presence of kindness kept coming into my awareness. I experience all the qualities of life to be expressions of frequencies, qualities that have, as their foundation, particular frequencies with which we resonate.

Listening to the news these days, one of the qualities that seems to be in short supply in the news reports we hear about is kindness. I’m sure that there are countless acts of kindness happening every day, but we don’t tend to hear about them. This got me to thinking about the importance of choosing to resonate with, and express, the qualities and frequency of kindness. 

I’ve no doubt shared before one of the experiences I had with frequencies that convinced me of the power and efficacy of choosing to resonate with chosen qualities. When my sister and I used to take our mother out for a day’s activities, I began those mornings with my usual attunement/meditation time and, as an additional piece, I asked the Spirit of Affection to fill me with its essence, its frequency, all day long. On those days, I found that I was much more patient and attentive to my mother in even more positive ways and the experience oriented me to a practice of choosing frequencies with which to resonate in various situations and contexts.

You may notice that I think of these frequencies as embodied Spirits, such as the Spirit of Ease, the Spirit of Comfort, the Spirit of Love, etc. You can just as easily think of them as archetypes or energy patterns. Or, you can simply think of them as qualities that are available to us at any time. Whatever works best for you is all that matters, so take a moment to touch into what is, for you, the most comfortable way to think about accessing frequencies—qualities of being and expression.

Below is a practice for attuning to kindness, both as a way of behaving and as a quality of being.

  • Begin by taking some time to settle into your body, to connect with your internal home base, your internal center of gravity. This is the place in us where we tap into the experience of what I think of as core presence.
  • Notice the steadiness that’s always there, in your place of embodied core presence. It’s the place in you that is never disturbed, even though that awareness may drop into the background of your consciousness as you move through your daily experience.
  • Now, recall the quality, the tone and “flavor” of kindness and notice the thoughts or feelings you have about that quality of being.
  • Notice if it’s all right to think about kindness as a living frequency, a quality of being with which you can choose to resonate, that you can choose to express in and through your thoughts, feelings, physical sensations, and actions.
  • Take some time now to explore your experience of the frequency of kindness.
  • Then, notice how it is for you to call on this frequency to fill your bodymind being with its quality and essence, with the intention that you will move through the world resonating with kindness today.
  • When you’re ready, reorient yourself to the environment around you, wiggle your fingers and toes, and come all the way back
  • Then, at the end of the day, notice what your journey with kindness was like for that day.

One other thing to consider. Because I have a living sense of the existence of our human collective consciousness, in my experience we resonate in every moment with not only our own experience but also with this collective consciousness. At this time, it is sorely in need of the presence of kindness. 

My sense is that whenever we do a practice like the one above, or even when we resonate with a particular quality for only a moment, two things happen. First, what we feel is magnified by its being part of the collective consciousness in which we all participate and, secondly, what we feel and express we immediately contribute to that collective. For me, there is a constant reciprocal interaction between our personal consciousness and our collective consciousness.

As with all these practices, please remember to bring along curiosity as your constant companion as you shape the practice to meet your worldview and beliefs. And, as importantly, please remember to pat gently on the head any judgments that may arise, allowing them to flow on through without your having to do anything with or about them.

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