789th Week: Accessing Optimal Futures

An area of interest I’ve had for more than 40 years is the creative possibility inherent in what quantum physics has to say about the world. Thirty-eight years ago, I began to work actively with what I called the optimal future self, for want of a more precise term. This work had to do with inviting people to access the part of themselves that had already resolved whatever they sought to achieve, heal, or develop and depended, as it does to this day, on accessing the body state, the lived-in felt-sense, of the optimal future self

At that time, I used the word “future” to imply something that wasn’t yet on board, even though in quantum terms past, present, and future come together in an ever-present now. It’s as though we can reach into a timeless realm of possibility and extract something that has an impact on our present-day lives. Over all these years, I have been personally affected by this practice in powerful ways and have watched countless others have beneficial outcomes as a result of reaching into “as-yet-to-be-realized” possibilities. 

Because of these experiences, I find myself orienting to optimal futures during this time of deep and necessary demands for change in how we humans live with each other and with our planet. The results of the current pandemic, the devastating impact of the  history of white supremacy in the United States, and the crisis we humans have created with our planetary environment all speak to me about an urgent need to orient to optimal possibilities for our future on the planet.

For this reason, I invite you this week to explore the realm of optimal possibilities, optimal futures, and what I can only describe as tapping into optimal expressions of a healed humanity. In a subtle activism call I sponsor each month (www.portaltomdl.com-see the Devadana Sanctuary side of the Portal), I often ask people to hold in awareness the “healed heart of humanity”—a humanity that understands our place in a world of collaboration and interdependence, a humanity that has a heart that easily expresses kindness, compassion, and empathy.

As you explore this week’s practice, play with how it feels to imagine that reality constantly opens up to an array of infinite probabilities that can move in and out of being in ways we don’t yet fully understand. And, please remember that a key piece to this practice is to experience the sensations, state of mind, emotional tone, and any other felt-sense aspect of your experience of the optimal possibility so that your body can learn directly what the bodies of a healed humanity experience. 

I would also invite you to actively call this reality to you. One of the things I’ve asked people to do over all these nearly 40 years of working with optimal futures is to say “yes” to what is the most positive and most healed expression of themselves, even if they have no conscious idea what that might be. There’s no need to have a conscious understanding of what you say “yes” to, as long as your intention orients to what is optimal for you.

As with all these practices, please also remember to bring along curiosity as your constant companion and to pat gently on the head any judgments that may arise along the way. Also, it’s always useful to remember that mixed feelings are part of just about any adventure, so please also allow them to be in your awareness as part of the natural expression and experience of your inherent wholeness.

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