899th Week: Your Unique Energy Signature and the Spaces Around You

Whenever I begin any kind of group, I invite people to take a moment to follow the next out-breath down inside and find the place that is their natural landing place, their internal center of gravity. This is the place in us where we touch into a couple of very important aspects of ourselves. One is the steadiness that lives here. It is a steadiness that can never be disturbed. Another is arriving to an awareness of the quality and tone of our inherent core presence, the unique energy signature that we radiate throughout our bodymind being and out into the world around us in every moment, without exception.

We live in a world that appears to be solid and yet is actually comprised of an infinite variety of frequencies of energy. As Einstein says, “Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. This is not philosophy. This is physics.” 

If our human senses were more attuned to these frequencies, we would be aware of ultra-violet light and color, x-rays, and so much more. We are aware of a very small range of frequencies that are present and part of our physical lives.

For this week’s practice in conscious living, I invite you to be more aware of the quality of energy you bring to yourself and to the world around you, focusing on the nature of your unique energy signature. Below is a brief guided meditation that invites you into this awareness. If you easily come into this already, please use this week’s focus to become increasingly aware of the energy you receive from the environment around you. 

As you move through the meditation, if you are listening to the recording, please feel free to pause the recording whenever you need more time to explore your experience.

  • To begin, settle into a place where you are physically supported and also alert, perhaps sitting with a straight spine, well supported.
  • Notice the support under you right now and also notice how your body receives this support. Support offered and support received are part of a single relationship and dynamic.
  • Follow the next out-breath down to the bottom of the breath and notice arriving to what you feel is your internal home base, your internal center of gravity.
  • Take a moment to be present to the experience of arriving at this place of refuge in you. If you are someone who isn’t accustomed to moving into your body, ask yourself how would I experience this internal landing place if I were able to do so?
  • Now, become aware of the steadiness that is always present in this place of core presence. It is a steadiness that cannot be disturbed.
  • Next notice the quality and tone of your presence, the unique energy signature that you radiate through your whole bodymind being and then out into the environment around you. Remember that no one else has an energy signature that is the same as yours. It is your unique presence, your unique quality of being.
  • Now, notice how your unique energy signature radiates out into the environment around you, touching everything. At the same time, notice how the quality of the environment around you touches you.
  • Notice your experience when you imagine that the quality of your presence touches everything you encounter throughout your everyday activities, that there isn’t a moment that you don’t touch the world around you.
  • Take a moment to explore what you feel as you deepen your awareness of the constant interplay between the energies you embody and radiate and the energies in the environment around you—that there is a constant, active, dynamic relationship between you and your world.
  • Come back now to your internal home base, to the place where you connect with your core presence and with the steadiness that is always there as just what it is, steady.
  • Take a few moments to simply be with yourself now,  and then, when you’re ready, come on back by wiggling your fingers and toes, opening your eyes and gently looking around, allowing your neck to move, and taking in whatever sounds might be in the environment, bringing yourself all the way back now.

And, as you work with this practice, please remember to bring along curiosity as your constant companion and to pat gently on the head any judgments that may arise, allowing them to move on through without your having to do anything with or about them. Also, as always, be sure to leave room for mixed feelings. If moving into your body is new territory for you, also please remember that learning is a process and what may be challenging now will, at some point, feel like second nature.

There are two audio clips here. The first is of the written part of the practice and the second is the guided meditation. As you listen, please press pause when you need additional time to do take in the practice. And, please remember never to listen to recorded meditations when driving or using machinery.

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